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These are some of my most recent drawings of my OC and some other things feel free to request me to try certain things, or judge my works. I'm open to trying anything!


Them's Fightin' Herds :icondennyvixen:dennyvixen 4,183 269 73 Terradragon Budgies :icongriffsnuff:griffsnuff 1,425 92 sri lanka :iconkateokami:KateOkami 41 5 J.B. Pawstep CharacterCard :iconjb-pawstep:JB-Pawstep 107 45 I m coming home :iconjb-pawstep:JB-Pawstep 71 16 Little me :iconjb-pawstep:JB-Pawstep 91 26 Beautiful Nightsky :iconjb-pawstep:JB-Pawstep 79 42 Chibi J.B. :iconjb-pawstep:JB-Pawstep 48 20
Species - Crowndariers
Singular: Crowndarier
Canine-Feline Species
Crowndariers can have all kind of dog and cat features.
Some have spikes on spin and tail and a few have rhino horns on their noses.
Their main feature is a triceratops-like bony head shield.
They like meat as well as vegetarian food.
They might have dinosaur features but since they are mammals they give birth like mammals do.
All kind of canine sizes are possible.
:iconjb-pawstep:JB-Pawstep 5 0
Species - Butterfurs
Butterfurs Ninchiru)
Singular: Butterfurs
Mammal Species
Butterfurs have a gray main color with possible gray scaled markings.
Common ones have black scleras and black pupils while the iris is colorful.
They only have two whiskers on each side of their face.
Ears and tails can be any shape.
Most of them have longer fur on shoulders.
They also have long fur on chest an body and sometimes on their paws.
Fur on body and tail have gradients from the main gray color to a colorful color. The colorful area is on the belly side.
The colorful fur has butterfly markings.
This kind of fur can also appear on ears, on legs and around the head as mane.
In very rare cases sclera and pupil are white!
Chihuahua- till terrier sizes are common.
Text from Ninchiru´s ref sheet:
They usually live in packs and feel unsafe alone because their colorful fur makes them easy spotted by other, dangerous animals. They are not defenseless, though. They have strong fangs and
:iconjb-pawstep:JB-Pawstep 7 0
Species - Amphikrags
Singular: Amphikrags
Mammalian Reptilian-Amphibian Mix
The body of amphikrags is covered with scales. All kind of scales in any shape are possible.
Crossbreeds can have skin or even fur. Different snouts / noses are also possible for crossbreeds and even mammalian tails, paws with claws and paw pads could be a crossbreed feature.
All colors and markings are possible.
Snouts can have any shape as long as they look similar to the examples.
They have fangs. 
Tongue and mouth can have any color. Tongue can be normal shaped or forked.
The ears are very flexible. They have a thin sensible membran connected on their head and neck.
Some of them have spikes on their spin and tail.
Eyes can have any color. Dark scleras are rare.
Paws have no pads. Toes have spikey claw-like ends.
Amphikrags live alone or in packs, depending on their nature.
Fish and roots are their main food. They are great swimmers and diggers.
Amphikrag pups are hatching fro
:iconjb-pawstep:JB-Pawstep 4 0
Species - Axolins
Singular: Axolin
Aquatic Mammal Species
Gills grow on cheeks and optional on head.
The head ones can be bigger / thicker than the cheek ones.
Paw pads can be any color.
They have sheathable claws.
Slight fin mutations on the spin side of the tail are possible.
The body can be covered with skin or scales. It also can have some tufts of fur.
A transparent and often colorful fin is connected with their tails belly side.
It also can surround the entire tail.
Some axolins have glowing markings. All shapes of markings are possible.
All colors are possible.
Axolins live in packs and are good hunters. They can´t swim very quickly for usual but their sharp teeth are dangerous and feared by their prey.
They give birth like mammals do. For this they leave the water. The cubs get raised on land till they are old enough to swim (within a month or two, depends on the cub itself).
Chihuahua- till terrier sizes are common.
:iconjb-pawstep:JB-Pawstep 6 0
Species - Bowmians
Singular: Bowmian
Fox Species
Bowmians usually have short fur or even are naked.
Longer fur grows under their ears.
They have normal claws and pads on their paws. Every color is allowed.
1-4 ribbon like skin membrans grow as tail-replacements.
Crossbreeds can have additional real tails or only tails.
They are great hunters. They confuse birds with their tails. Hiding on trees they use their tails with slow movements so birds might thing tose are worms.
Chihuahua- till terrier sizes are common.
Bowmians are Espeon and Suicune inspired.
:iconjb-pawstep:JB-Pawstep 8 0
Species - Chamelogs

Singular: Chamelog
Canine Species (with possible felane features)
Chamelogs have a solid natural color for usual.
Markings can be only in the face.
Only crossbreeds can have an unnatural main color amd maybe even markings on the body.
Ears can appear in any canine shape.
They have normal pads and claws. Feline crossbreeds may have sheethable claws. Any color for the pads are possible.
Their tail is long and curled like a chameleon tail but with fur.
Pure breeds always have white sclera, colorful iris and white pupil.
Chamelogs are usually jack russel sized.
They can copy the fur pattern of any character but their face markings always remain as well as the eye design.
Chihuahua- till terrier sizes are common.

:iconjb-pawstep:JB-Pawstep 6 0
Species - Chirpunnies
Singular: Chirpunny
Rabbit Species
Many chirpunnies have long, fluffy chest fur. Like normal rabbits they have no pads on their paws. They are just like normal rabbits but with 2 thin skins inside their ears. Those look similar to insect wings. If they scrub the ears and the skins at each other they make beautiful chirp sounds.
Chirpunnies can have a long canine like tail in rare cases.
They eat what usual rabbits eat.
All common rabbit / bunny sizes are possible.
All colors and markings are possible.
:iconjb-pawstep:JB-Pawstep 6 0
Species - Chickhuahuas
Singular: Chickhuahuas
Miniature Griffin Species
Chickhuahuas are chihuahua sized griffins with a short beak. No teeth. In rare cases they have different shaped beaks.
They have a tuft of long feathers on their head. Any color is possible. The tail is can be short or long and often is covered with feathers too.
They have two pair of  chihuahua like ears.
Usually they have no wings but some crossbreeds might have those.
They eat small birds, eggs, fruits, berries and fish.
:iconjb-pawstep:JB-Pawstep 5 0
These are some cool deviations i found.



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A random thing I did in the Museum of Arts And Sciences. I tried my best XD
I was kinda considering making (or updating) my character that I use to represent myself I'll put some photos of my extremely rough ideas here. Keep in mind the drawing wasn't made to be perfect, just to get the color scheme across. Feel free to give your ideas or anything if you really want to.Update by Fierce-Thunder
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